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You will find here complimentary information about my book. This site will be regularly updated with new recipes, additional source code and results, revisions to next releases of OpenCV, etc.

The book is based on OpenCV version 2.2. However all examples work well with the more recent versions of the library.

Detailed instruction for installing OpenCV with Visual Studio or Qt can be found by clicking on 1. Playing with Images on the left pane menu of this page.

  • 2011/12/08 - On page 184: a const_iterator is used while a regular iterator should have been used since we are calling the erase method on it. You should make that change in the corresponding source file blobs.cpp. Here is the update file.
  • 2011/12/08 - Chapter 4 describes a class called ContentFinder; in the source code, this class is in fact called ObjectFinder. Therefore, line 50 of objectfinder.cpp should be ObjectFinder finder; and not ContentFinder finder;. Here is the update file.
  • 2011/12/08 - In the source code, the method getHueHistogram of the class ColourHistogram does not correspond to the one described in Chapter 4. Use the following class definition instead of the one provided in original source file colourhistogram.h file.
  • 2011/12/08 - On page 195, the definition of the method setLocalMaxWindowSize is not listed but it is a method defined in the source code of the HarrisDetector class in file harrisdetector.h.

The source code of all examples in the book can be downloaded from here

All the images used in the book can be obtained in a zip file by clicking here or by going to our Picassa Web Album:
OpenCV2 Cookbook Images

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact me.

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